Jacquelyn Gill is a paleoecologist and Assistant Professor of climate science at the University of Maine and an increasingly prominent voice in science communication, as one of the hosts of the climate change podcast Warm Regards.

Dr Gill works in areas that show how, whether in the past or the present, the evolution of the Human Niche has had a profound impact in the niches of other species. So how does she feel about both the past and the present? Are we moving from tragedy to catastrophe? And is there some way, as members of this hugely destructive species, to avoid negativity and helplessness? She talked with Dr Patrick Roberts, a Group Leader here at MPI-SHH Jena; and with Dr Rebecca Hamilton, one of our post-doctoral researchers, who joined us from Canberra, Australia.

The conversation is available in audio format only – you can download it in MP3 format or stream it through the link below.

Banner image: Mauricio Antón, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

About Jacquelyn Gill

Banner image: Duria Antiquior famous watercolor by the geologist Henry de la Beche depicting life in ancient Dorset based on fossils found by Mary Anning.


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