The Human Niche Series

The project

This project is an initiative to explore a new strategic vision for the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.


Prof Nicole Boivin

Nicole Boivin’s archaeological research is interdisciplinary …

Prof Richard Wrangham

Richard Wrangham has been at the forefront of primatology …

Dr Yoshi Maezumi

Dr Yoshi Maezumi is a Marie Curie Fellow and …

Prof Greger Larson

One of evolutionary science’s most exciting and inspiring voices …

Dr Robert N. Spengler

Director of the Paleoethnobotany Laboratories …

Emma Marris

Environmental writer and an Institute Fellow …

Dr Patrick Roberts

Director of the Stable Isotope Laboratory

Prof Kevin N. Laland

Professor of Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology


January 18, 2021 in Anthropology, Archaeology, Human Evolution

A conversation with María Martinón-Torres

María Martinón-Torres is the Director of the Spanish National Centre for the Study of Human Evolution.With a background in medicine and surgery, her work has focused on hominin palaeobiology, palaeopathology and dental anthropology. In discussion here with Professor Michael Petraglia…
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December 22, 2020 in Human Niche, Niche Construction

Prof Kevin Laland examines the Evolutionary Origins of the Human Niche

Kevin Laland is Professor of Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology at the University of St Andrews in the UK.Professor Kevin Laland is one of the founding-fathers of the concept of "the Human Niche", developing the idea of Niche Construction with John…
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December 11, 2020 in Ancient DNA, Anthropology, Microbiome

Conversation with Associate Professor of Anthropology Laura Weyrich

Assoc Prof Laura Weyrich research focuses on microbiome adaptation and evolution in different ecologies. In this conversation Laura discusses her research in ancient DNA, anthropological microbial genomics, and experimental models to explore and identify mechanisms of microbial community change and…
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December 9, 2020 in Human Niche, Paleoecology

Conversation with paleoecologist Associate Professor Jacquelyn Gill

Jacquelyn Gill is a paleoecologist and Assistant Professor of climate science at the University of Maine and an increasingly prominent voice in science communication, as one of the hosts of the climate change podcast Warm Regards.Dr Gill works in areas…
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November 30, 2020 in Anthropocene, Human Niche

Emma Marris explores the Wolf Niche / Human Niche

A clear and engaging communicator, science writer Emma Marris also thinks deeply and in innovative ways about the challenges of modern conservation within the Human Niche.
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